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Ondine’s curse

Ondine's curse

Ondine’s curse is arespiratory disorder that is fatal if untreated. People afflicted with Ondine’s curse classically suffer from respiratory arrest during sleep. Ondine’s curse is very rare and serious form of central nervous system failure, which you lose the autonomic control of breathing. Diagnosis may be delayed because of variations in the severity of the manifestations or lack of awareness in the medical community, particularly in milder cases. There have been cases where asymptomatic family members also were found to have Ondine’s curse.

Treatment and Prognosis

Patients require tracheostomy and lifetime mechanical ventilation on a ventilator in order to stay alive. Other treatments include using biphasic cuirass ventilation which can effectively be used without the need for a tracheotomy. Other potential treatments for Ondine’s curse include oxygen therapy and medicine for stimulating the respiratory system. Currently problems arise with the extended use of ventilators, including fatal infections and pneumonia

Most people with Ondine’s curse unless they have the Late Onset form do not survive infancy, unless they receive ventilatory assistance during sleep. An alternative to a mechanical ventilator is Phrenic Nerve Pacing anddiaphragm pacing



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